What Makes the Metropolitan team different is our intense focus on customers service excellence. This is evidenced by our 93% overall satisfaction rating, which is detailed below.

Work Order Survey Excellent & Good Ratings Less than Good Ratings
Overall satisfaction 93% 7%
Knowledge 91% 9%
Professionalism / Courtesy 96% 4%
Quality of work 91% 9%
Responsiveness 94% 6%
Notification of completed work 95% 5%
Cleanliness after work performed 96% 4%
Timeliness of work order completion 92% 8%
Completed in 24 hours 100% 0%

What Residents are Saying:

“Mike is an excellent superintendent. His professionalism, courtesy, promptness, and overall performance, makes this Metropolitan apartment location an ideal place to live. Mike is always responsive to the tenants’ needs and often goes above and beyond his obligations.” – Bala Cynwyd Resident

“Everything is always done professionally and well.” – Doylestown Resident

“Service is always exceptional.” – Doylestown Resident

“Dave is courteous and kind. He always comes over quickly and is done in a jiffy. He actively listens to my concerns.” – Doylestown Resident

“DJ was great, he was easy to talk to, pleasant, awesome guy. My fiancé and I came back to his note for completion of work and he sent us well wishes for our wedding this weekend.” – East Goshen Resident

“The maintenance crew is fantastic and is willing to fix all of my apartment issue.” – East Goshen Resident

“As a long time resident, I have always appreciated the professionalism and high quality work of the Metropolitan Management Maintenance Team!” – East Goshen Resident

“The office and maintenance is always extremely helpful and professional. They make sure you feel comfortable and have a quick turnaround to any issues I have ever had with my apartment. The staff is a major reason I have stayed in this location.” – East Goshen Resident

“I Love Amanda , wish she was my daughter. Love Darren too. Great personality. Duane is Very Nice Too.”  Marlton Resident

“The team at Runnemede do a wonderful job at keeping our community safe, clean, family friendly and in perfect order. This team goes above and beyond the call of duty. All maintenance requests are handled in a timely manner and done in a professional way. I am very happy living here. I am proud to call Metropolitan my home. And I highly recommend Metropolitan. I would like to thank this great staff for making my home a pleasant experience.” – Runnemede Resident

“Response and workmanship have always been excellent in all the years we have lived here for 18 years.” – Tareyton Resident

“All staff here have been wonderful! It’s a very well-maintained property all-around, with quick responsiveness and the staff are very friendly!” – West Chester Resident

“I just want to say that the leasing office staff are excellent. I am always picking up packages and I truly enjoy stopping by!” – West Chester Resident

“We requested for the work order to be completed during a certain time frame and this was honored.” – West Chester Resident

“Very happy with the timeliness of the work order completion!” – West Goshen Resident

“Dave has always been great to us. He comes over almost the instant we submit a request, and he always leaves us a note to say what he was able to do, or if he needs to come back again to completely finish the job. Very nice and very helpful!!!”  Manayunk Resident

“The speed of service was outstanding and refreshing.” Runnemede Resident