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If you’re moving to Narberth, you likely already know some of the many benefits of living on the Main Line: from location to education to recreation. A metropolitan narberth station apartment allows residents to take full advantage of those opportunities.

Narberth is among the collection of small towns that make up the renowned Main Line in suburban Philadelphia. It’s one of the smaller areas, yet proves the cliché of big things coming in small packages quite true. Narberth’s location is one of its most prized benefits. The Regional Rail station, located right near the metropolitan narberth station apartments, takes residents into the heart of Center City Philadelphia in less than a half-hour. Whether it’s for work or to take advantage of the world-class shopping, dining and nightlife that is headquartered downtown, getting into Philly from Narberth couldn’t be easier. While the commute is a cinch, moving to Narberth puts residents just far enough away from the city to enjoy the peace and tranquility offered by the town’s many tree-covered streets and open green spaces.

The educational institutions throughout the Main Line, including in Narberth, are unparalleled. Whether you’re considering going back to school, or are getting ready to send your own little one off to the classroom, moving to Narberth puts educational success right at residents’ fingertips.

The bright lights of the city may appeal to some who are looking for a night out on the town, but Narberth also offers plenty of its own entertainment options. Culinary creativity is everywhere, from hip sushi spots to upscale eateries. Watering holes range from laidback corner pubs to rowdy taverns. No matter the type of establishment you visit, the friendly, small-town feel that runs throughout all of Narberth will surely be present.

That same sentiment also extends to metropolitan narberth station, where residents can enjoy the rest and relaxation encouraged by their spacious apartments and also be close to all of the action that abounds in Narberth.

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