Living near Lancaster Ave.

Living near leading shopping, dining, and entertainment usually comes at a cost — as bustling streets can mean noise and traffic. At metropolitan windermere court’s Wayne, PA, apartments, however, residents are just moments from the heart of town and can still enjoy the peace and quiet of the private rental community.

metropolitan windermere court is situated just two blocks from Lancaster Avenue, the center of the area’s commercial and entertainment district. The main thoroughfare connects the entire Main Line, and the section that cuts through Wayne is brimming with everything from employment and education to arts and culture. From modern convenience to opportunities for indulgence, the offerings for residents of Wayne, PA apartments are vast.

Within just a few blocks, locals can find a U.S. Post Office, several banks and a bicycle-repair shop. There are dentists, eye doctors and other healthcare professionals of all specialties. Flower shops, auto-repair spots, and phone stores are just moments from metropolitan windermere court’s Wayne, PA, apartments so, if residents need something in a pinch, they only have to look to Lancaster Avenue to find it.

Lancaster Avenue is also a perfect spot for those looking to treat themselves a bit. With venues like a movie theater, painting studio and a dance center, Lancaster is a hub of arts activity, making it a perfect spot for a date night or outing with friends. Locals can treat themselves to some new apparel at one of the several clothing shops, grab some artwork or home décor at a boutique or indulge at a salon or spa. No commercial district is complete without a flourishing restaurant scene, and Lancaster Avenue delivers. From quaint BYOB spots like At the Table to The Goat’s Beard, popular with those who favor locally sourced foods and craft beers, to an array of casual and on-the-go eateries, Lancaster Avenue offers something to suit all tastes.

At metropolitan windermere court’s Wayne, PA, apartments, residents can enjoy the serene and beautiful setting of their home community but just blocks away find themselves right in the middle of all the action of Lancaster Avenue.

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